Can you get Viagra pills over the counter in United Kingdom?

Friendly personal service. The convenient packaging of meds means no pillbox is needed. Synchronized prescriptions in 2 months. They also have an online application with home delivery if needed. Check them out, you will be happy you did. Also, if you buy Viagra or other ED medication for over $100, they’ll give you a discount. Update November 2021 – I’ve been using Royal Palm Pharmacy for over a year now and have never been dissatisfied. It’s more than just being greeted with a smile, the individualized service they provide – you won’t get it at a chain. Try them, and you will see the difference too.

LloydsPharmacy (Google Rating: 3.2) 136 London Rd, Aston Clinton, Aylesbury HP22 5LB, United Kingdom +44 1296 632787

The pharmacist was friendly, and the store was clean and well organized. Will be going here instead of CVS from now on. LloydsPharmacy‘s the most convenient place for me, but they always look at me crazy like I’m shoplifting or something…

This is by far the most poorly run pharmaceutical. They have never filled prescriptions in a timely manner, they never have some meds in stock, like Viagra, for example. They are rude, and after telling me to come back four different times this week, they tell us they have to have reauthorization. Called the doctor right there, and the doctor told them they had entered my insurance all wrong. They then asked me to wait 45 more minutes bc of their mistake. I told them I didn’t understand the problem when we just got the same prescription last month. They had the nerve to tell me they have never managed that order before. WORST EVER. Get it together.

ViaQX drugstore (Google Rating: 4.2) 28 High St, Wendover, Aylesbury HP22 6EA, United Kingdom +44 1296 622166

My name is Victoria Hartigan. I am pregnant and stressed about getting everything I need for the little one. I needed to buy a breast pump but can’t afford to pay an arm and a leg out of pocket for a breast pump. They did all the footwork for me as far as insurance goes. Amazing experience, super easy! They sent me a list of pumps covered by my insurance, and I selected one. They even mail it directly to you! Thanks so much for all your work and your upbeat personality.

Love this place. Never have I’ve been to a pharmacy that was this kind and fasts! They care about you and take the time out to listen to you. I recommend ViaQX drugstore to anyone who reads this. Let me put it to you like this if I live four hours away, I would make that drive. God bless them!

Consult Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.5) 172 Tring Rd, Aylesbury HP20 1JR, United Kingdom +44 1296 432696

Amazing, friendly, and professional! So glad to support our local community! They know their customers by name.  

I have used Consult Pharmacy for a couple of years now, and I can say it has honestly gone downhill. It is almost impossible to get anyone on the phone, and when you do, you can tell they don’t want to fool with helping you and place you back on hold for 8+ minutes. The drive-thru has been closing 2 hours early. This is super inconvenient. One time I had my Viagra refilled, and I was given two packets instead of 1. I did not open one pack and took it back up there. Working in the medical field, while dealing when someone’s medications need to be triply checked, and then checked again. Although it was the right medication, just too much, what would have happened if it wasn’t and the person didn’t pay attention because they trust their pharmacy? A pharmacist should have caught that. I’m never one to write a negative review but yesterday has me considering switching pharmacies altogether. I sent in my request for ordering antibiotics for a severe dog bite online around 1 pm. I went to check it to see if it was ready so I could swing by on my way home from work….. nope. 4 hours, and my request never got processed. I had to go sit in their slow drive-thru to drop it off (after waiting all day on it as it is) for the lady to tell me they are really backed up, and they would “get to it when they could.” I was polite and told her it was for a bad dog bite, and she said, well, we would get to it when we can. In NO way did I ask for special treatment or a rush on it, but the way she came across with her “get to it when we can” was just a little disturbing. I went home and got a text at 8:57 (3 hours later) that it was ready to pick up. They close at 9.

Tesco Pharmacy (Google Rating: 3.0) Tring Rd, Aylesbury HP20 1PQ, United Kingdom +44 121 519 1325

I love my Tesco Pharmacy. I love Marie, Vicki, Marsha, Lynn, Susan. They treat me so good! Drugbuddies is very lucky to employ these fine people!

I hate this pharmacy. My Viagra is on auto-refill, but it doesn’t auto-refill until I’m out of pills or just doesn’t refill at all. I’ve called several times to get the problem fixed, but it’s been happening since last year, and nobody seems to care a lick smh spoke to a supervisor, and he tried to tell me how many pills I should have left. “Well, you should have two pills left.” Freakin idiot. Whether you go through the drive-thru or go in, you’re gonna be there all day. And good luck getting anybody to answer the phone.

Can you get Viagra pills over the counter in United Kingdom?